When I created Honey & Thrive, I wanted to be more than a supplier of the finest honey the world has to offer. For me, honey is more than just a food product, it’s a natural resource.

Pure, raw and unfiltered, it offers significant health benefits over and above any pasteurised supermarket honey or worse still sugar.

My company was founded in 2018 but i had been selling my honey locally here in Spain with much success since 2012.

Knowing that my honey was completely pure, medicinal and of very high quality I wanted to make it available to the wider market. I wanted to create a brand that people could trust in and know they are purchasing pure high quality honey as the commercial market is now awash with inferior honey . Thus Honey and Thrive was born.

I strive to run my business as a socially responsible member of the honey community and I´m 100% committed to providing quality products and equitable treatment of farmers, laborers and of course our lovely bees, who work so hard to bring you this pure liquid gold.