Welcome to Honey & Thrive, we offer pure honey products from our hives situated in the Sierra Ronda region of southern Spain. We take harvesting of our honey very seriously and always have the bees welfare forefront in our minds. We do not feed our bees sugar water or use smoke before harvesting, this helps reduce the stress put on the hive.

Health Benefits

As most of us know that honey has many health benefits, read more about our honey.

Hidden within the wild rosemary bushes and cork oak trees of the Sierra de Ronda mountain range, our bees thrive in isolated paradise. Far from the stresses of industrial agriculture and environmental pollution, our bees forage freely and produce honey of unparalleled purity.

We take a non-invasive approach to beekeeping that prioritizes the health, safety and natural habits of the bees. Our hives are only opened once the honeycomb is fully sealed and the final honey product extracted using a gentle suction method that leaves behind the all-important honeycomb for the bees to use again.

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Honey & Thrive

Raw Mediterranean Sierra Ronda Wild flower Honey

Our first product has been on the market for nearly four years now and our customers can’t get enough. We wanted to share with the world and that’s why we have gone online!

The secret ingredient? Bees and Nature.

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To delight and enrich the lives of our customers by offering extraordinary raw, pure & 100% organic honey and innovative honey products; to operate as a responsible member of the local, national and global community, make a positive contribution to nature and the health and wellness of such communities.


To only supply the finest raw honey and never compromise you or our Bee’s.

Our honey is certified free of insecticides, pesticides, refined sugars and impurities to ensure we supply you the best purest honey and products.

Producing 100% pure honey for Spain and Gibraltar

A World First

With the perfect consistency and bubbles of Champagne we have used the best raw materials nature has to offer and created what can only be described as the perfect recipe that embodies the wild flower and Retama honey flavour.

Using the application of innovative production techniques as well as the belief that good things come to those who wait Honey & Thrive has created, with no additives, preservatives, extracts nor added gasses, the most excellent, completely natural, delicate and sophisticated handcrafted luxury HoneyCham!

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How do I buy some honey?

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Very simple really, you can email us via our contact page or call +34 643 816 753 to arrange delivery. We will also have locations along the Costa del Sol & Gibraltar, list to follow soon.